When you contract with me, you get a package containing a strategist, writer, project manager, marketer, and an idea person who’s really good a solving problems.

That’s what marketing is after all, solving the problem of generating interest, converting prospects to customers, and then making said customers repeat buyers.

Though that sounds simple, it’s never been more challenging than it is today.

Did you know that in 1996, Bill Gates forecasted the rise of content as a money-maker?

And that it took 15 years before Google started targeting and penalizing sites “with large-scale thin content”?

Since that time Google has been relentless in their efforts to identify and promote robust and worthwhile content.

By pushing businesses to create material that people find valuable, Google has changed the marketplace, and Bill Gates’ prediction has come true.

Content will make you money.

Since you need content, and I do content strategy and the development of a variety of content and marketing materials, let’s see if we’ll be a good fit together.

Let’s Get To Know One Another

Whether you know what you’re looking for or aren’t really sure, you and I should take 15 or 20 minutes and talk.

You tell me about your company and what you hope to accomplish. I tell you about me, how I like to work, and whether or not I believe I can help you.

You and I will probably be a good fit if –

  • You’re all about promoting your products or services as solutions to your audience’s problems.
  • You want content that’s focused on addressing your audience’s wants, needs, and pain points while paving the way for them to buy.
  • You help me learn as much about your business as I can so I can produce material that will give your audience so many reasons to buy they’d be hard pressed to say no.

And just so we’re on the same page when it comes to developing written material check out this quote from Sam Dogen, the Financial Samurai

Content does not magically appear out of thin air as some might believe. It takes a tremendous amount of effort, consistency, and creativity to come up with helpful and interesting content.”

The 3800 word blog post from which I took this quote took Sam Dogen about eight hours and a dozen revisions before he was willing to publish it.

And he was writing about a subject he knows intimately.

The man is right when it comes to producing content as well as other collateral.

It takes time, skill and an effort worthy of a triathelete to undertake producing the material that will pique people’s interest, keep them coming back for more, and get them to take the actions you want them to take.

Now I would love for you to take the action of getting in touch with me. Since there’s no obligation for doing so, you have nothing to lose, and we both have a few things to gain from our conversation.

Get in touch with me by:

  1. Completing my Contact form, or
  2. Emailing me: Quinn@QuinnEurich.com, or
  3. Calling me at 860-638-9990 and leaving a message

In case you were wondering, I use a tiered pricing approach (beginning with very classy dinners to an entire buffet worthy of a cruise ship) or if you’re needing my special touch with developing your content marketing strategy, we can discuss a custom pricing structure.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Warm regards,

Quinn Eurich