How to Make “Nothing New” Interesting


Their Challenge: a 400-word SEO article using “2017 Toyota Camry in Seattle” as the topic.

My Challenge: Finding a way to talk about the latest offering in a long line of “new” cars when most new models barely differ from their predecessors or their competition.

Research Can Take You Only So Far

When you’re doing a short piece on a tight schedule, you just need enough information to begin getting a sense of what you can write about.

Ready information on cars is all about their specs, and I was lucky to find a site that let me do side-by-side comparisons of several models.

That’s when my opinion that most new cars these days all look alike was confirmed because based on the specs, they are alike!

Fortunately most cities will have someone writing about the “X Number of Things You Need to Know Before Moving Here.”

Seattle was no different so it was easy to find out the following:

  1. Japanese vehicles are very popular, with Subaru still having a slight edge because of it’s popularity with the REI crowd.
  2. Seattle people like participating in outdoor sports. People will park their cars outside their garages so they have more room for their sports equipment.
  3. Traffic is terrible, and one site said that traffic was bad even when it wasn’t rush hour.
  4. Roads are wet most days, and when it snows, streets quickly become messy and icy. According to one blog the icy roads are even more treacherous because people don’t know how to drive on them.
  5. Most of the cars on the list of the top 10 most stolen in Washington state have been on the road for more than 16 years.

When There’s Not Much New or Different . . . Where Do You Start?

Granted the Camry did well relative to the five points above, but so too did other cars.

  1. Japanese car, but one that didn’t categorize you as belonging to a specific group of people or as a type of person.
  2. The rear seat had a split fold-down feature which would let you carry skis as well as other sports equipment.
  3. Heated driver and front passenger seats that can be adjusted in a number of ways can make driving or getting stuck in traffic easier to bear, plus Sirius XM radio for a variety of listening options. The Camry comes standard with front and rear air-bags and 2 year roadside assistance with no mileage cap.
  4. The wheel-base was one inch wider than the comparable Subaru’s.
  5. Simply because it was a new car, it was less likely to be stolen.

With little to distinguish it from its competition, how do you make the 2017 Toyota Camry standout?

When the subject you’re writing about doesn’t easily stand out from the competition, then find something that few people would use as a benefit.

That’s what Claude Hopkins did with Schlitz beer, and that’s what I did for this article that you can read below.


Why You Have a Very Good Chance That Your 2017 Toyota Camry Won’t Be Stolen in Seattle or Elsewhere in Washington State

The National Insurance Crime Bureau says that the favorite cars of thieves in Washington are Hondas, specifically the 1996 Accord and the 1998 Civic.

Out of the Top 10 Vehicle Makes/Models that are prime candidates for theft in Washington, seven are Japanese cars, two are full-sized pickups, and rounding out the list is the Jeep Cherokee.

That’s not to say Toyota’s aren’t in demand, but it seems thieves are committed to staying away from later models.

The closest vehicle to the 2017 Toyota Camry that they‘re likely to boost is the 2010 Corolla.

Isn’t nice owning a new Toyota knowing that thieves aren’t going to be interested in it?

They’re certainly not interested in how stable the 2017 Camry’s wide wheel base makes it on Seattle’s rainy and occasionally icy roads. And they probably haven’t given much thought to the need for having a 60/40 split rear seat that lets you keep your sports equipment and other necessary items handy.

There’s much to like about this Toyota Camry.

With Seattle traffic getting worse every day, it’s good to have controls on the steering wheel right at your finger-tips. Heaven knows how many accidents happen because someone is reaching down to fiddle with the radio, or to try and grab their phone. Fortunately if there is a fender bender, the 2017 Camry protects you and your passengers with front and rear airbags. Plus its two years of road assistance has no mileage cap!

Should you find yourself in a logjam of traffic, then adjust the seats, warm them up and listen to a wide variety of music and talk on your AM/FM/HD/SiriusXM Satellite radio. If you’re going to be stuck in traffic, you might as well be comfortable.

Besides the traffic, there’s much to like about Seattle, and much to like about the 2017 Toyota Camry. It fits in with many different lifestyles and does it without pegging you as one type of person or another as another car brand does.

This nice break before Thanksgiving and the winter holidays are upon us is the perfect time to visit your friendly Seattle Toyota dealership. Take one of these safe and comfy cars for a spin and find out how much you like the 2017 Toyota Camry.


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