How to Create a Quiet Sensation at Your Next Trade Show

(and get forty to fifty people an hour stopping at your booth!)

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Amid the rows of booths with banners, brochures, sales people, air horns, and bells, how do you stand out?

By dispensing with all the noise, the hoopla and the hawking, and having a very special man sitting at the front of your booth doing what he does best.

Making people feel special.

What It’s Like to Have a Distinct Advantage

In the midst of the trade show chaos, a man named Dave Maskin sits behind a small table.

There’s a crowd around your booth as people stop and crane their necks. They inch closer to get a better look at what’s going on.

It’s just Dave smiling, talking away and making something that he gives to the person in front of him.

A few minutes talking with Dave and the next person happily receives what Dave crafted especially for her.

Each person who spends a few moments with Dave has a huge smile on their face.

Meanwhile, as people wait their turn to be with Dave, your sales people are chatting them up. Connections are made, information is exchanged, and your list of leads grows.

And once they get their gift from Dave, potential buyers go off with your sales people to continue their conversations.

The One Thing People Can’t Resist

You know that after five minutes spent at a trade show people get visually overwhelmed by the size of the venue and the sheer number of booths.

Anything that you’ve done differently with your booth fades into the background as people shrink their focus and begin looking for specific items that capture their attention.

You see it happen at every show as people resolutely pass booth after booth until they find one that has something of interest.

And isn’t it frustrating when you see that a few of them have something from your competitor’s booth, but you can’t get them to stop at yours?

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With Dave, you get people doing the one thing you absolutely need them to do – stopping at your booth!

So what is it that Dave does that will make people stop and give your sales people an opportunity to talk with them?

He gives them something that each person values – their name – custom crafted in wire.

Dave Maskin, The Wireman

That’s what Dave does. As he’s sitting in your booth chatting away with people, he’s making for each person their name in wire.

Names are special and when your name is unique, you rarely, if ever, see it on key chains, coffee cups, or pens.

There is no other free give-away that people appreciate more.

Each name is beautifully done, and with the last twist of the wire, he makes it so each name stands up on its own.

He’s so skilled at it that each one takes about a minute.

That means he can have a record number of 40 to 50 people stopping at your booth each hour!

And there’s more!

A Unique and Hassle-Free Way to Get More Leads

Dave creates for you an almost perfect sales environment because it’s not just about the gifts he creates for people.

Dave’s personable, non-threatening and has a way of drawing people in and making them feel comfortable.

With him at the front of your booth, there’s no need for hawking. No trying to catch someone’s eye and get their attention. No handing out brochures to people who drop them in their plastic bags without looking at them.

Dave brings people in, keeps them there, and gives your sales people the opportunities they need.

It’s a no-brainer.

If you want a unique and hassle-free way to get more leads and connect with more potential buyers, then hire Dave.

You can view Dave’s work and book him for your show at

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